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Cloud Hosting

Put your virtual servers in our cloud.

We cater for Linux and Windows servers. And take away the burden of managing physical infrastructure from you.

  • Reliable

    Redundant hardware allows for dynamic server migration.

  • Scalable

    Pay for what you use now. Dynamically scale CPU RAM and disk space as you need it.

  • Secure

    Built in Firewall to secure your sever from unwanted access.

  • Grow

    Load balance multiple servers in our cloud for additional loads and uptime.

  • Save

    No more replacing hardware every few years, grow as you need.

  • Fast

    Servers can be deployed in minutes. Allow your orginisation to move quickly.

  • Safe

    Scheduled backups save your entire virtual machine every day for easy redeployment.

  • Audit-friendly

    Checks all the boxes when your (hosted) infrastructure audit is done.