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eVoice offers an end-to-end High Quality Voice (VoIP) service enabling you to make and receive calls with incredible savings.

  • Full Solution

    Fully integrated solution

  • Per Second

    True per second billing

  • Itemised Billing

    Itemised billing allows for easy monitoring of costs

  • Port Number/s

    Port existing Telkom number(s) to new service

Call Rates Pricing Table:

Local Calls

Price per minute - billed per second. Excl VAT

Destination Rate
South Africa - Fixed Line 28c
South Africa - Mobile 39c

International Calls

International destinations are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations. Premium rate destinations may exist within certain number codes.

Region Destination Category Rate
Africa Ethiopia Fixed Line 475c
Mobile 459c
Kenya Fixed Line 378c
Mobile various
Nigeria Fixed Line 218c
Mobile 208c
Somalia Fixed Line 1031c
Mobile 1031c
Asia / Pacific Australia Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 109c
China Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 39c
India Fixed Line 43c
Mobile 43c
Russia Fixed - Moscow 39c
Fixed Line various
Mobile various
Europe Belgium Fixed Line 162c
Mobile 725c
France Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 99c
Ireland Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 91c
Italy Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 78c
Netherlands Fixed Line 131c
Mobile 158c
United Kingdom Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 39c
North America Canada Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 39c
USA Fixed Line 39c
Mobile 39c