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Diginet Point to Point Circuits

At eNetworks we offer point to point managed circuits over Telkom's Diginet service from our data centers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Circuits are available from 64Kb/s in increments of 64K up to 2Mb/s. We like to take control of the entire procedure from its initial planning, to the installation and configuration of the routers and firewalls.

Bandwidth managed services is for people who require:

  • Secure

  • High-speed

  • Constant

  • Quality Internet

Diginet provides just this via its point-to-point data transfer over digital transmission network, delivering high internet uptime. All lines are monitored by us 24 hours a day, with alerts being sent out over email or sms, part of the free service we offer. Constant monitorying ensures any faults are fixed quickly, sometimes before they are even noticed.

For contracted plans over 1 year we are able to offer incentives such as free routers and firewalls. All of your email can run through our systems and be scanned on two different servers running two different virus scanners, before being spam scanned. Only at this point will the mail be sent on to you. This service comes in at a low monthly cost and can save you up to 50% of your bandwidth.

Due to the highly competitive nature of this service we prefer not to show our pricing, but please feel free to drop us a mail and we will be happy to create a custom quote for you. If you include your office phone number we will be able to quote on the Telkom line too.