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Fibre Connectivity

Fibre Optical Connectivity Solutions

We have been deploying Dark & Metro Fibre services since 2010 with great success!

Depending on your location, we are able to offer access into the Internet from 2Mb/s up to 100Mb/s. This gives you very high reliability at high speeds. Data charges are calculated using data bundles on a per megabyte rate, or can be uncapped if you prefer.

We have a variety of services from dark-fibre to cross-country metro-fibre solutions. We are able to offer very cost effective high speed links between your branches country-wide.

We are also able to offer links up to 10Gb/s into our data centres for services like Data recoverery and NAS/SAN real-time mirroring, backup and replication.

All our Dark Fibre links are backed-up by short-haul radio links.  Using routing technology that ensures automatic fail-over in the event of a fibre break, our Dark Fibre network has extremely high up-times.

What do the Terms Mean?

Dark Fibre

This is fibre which is lit up by eNetworks.  The speed on the fibre is 100% dedicated to you. Depending on the equipment we put on either end, you can have theoretical speeds of up to 40Gb/s.

Metro-E / Metro-Fibre

This fibre that is deployed within cities (Metros) where you connect into an existing Metro-Ethernet network to access bandwidth from 4Mb/s up to 600Mb/s. This service is able to inter-link between Metros. For example, you can link branches in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg economically at these speeds.

Point-to-Point Fibre

This is a dedicated service similar to dark fibre where two offices might be connected. It can be known as FTTx (Fibre-to-the-home/office/building). These are often shared services where an ISP links up a building at high speed and various tenants share the services.

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