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Reputation Management and SEO

Search engine optimization

A well constructed SEO campaign can help protect and grow your brand. If your brand comes under attack then a solid optimization strategy can make it just that more difficult for the opponent to have their harmful information bubble to the top of search engine rankings. By building your brand awareness and developing an unassailable SEO fortress you can make sure that your company information ranks top and harmful attacks are relegated to the backwaters of search engine results.

SEO and your brand

Of course this means that your search optimization strategy must accompany your brand development and marketing strategies. By ensuring that your marketing and branding information ranks above damaging information you protect your marketing investment. Through skillful and consistent application of best practice search engine optimizing techniques you can make sure that your company information stays in the first page of search results - and maybe even obtain multiple listings. Most people stop searching on the very first page of search engine results. Fewer than 10% actually get to the second page!

Results of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization means more than just increasing the traffic to your website. An effective SEO/SEM company can make it much more difficult for damaging content to get ranked above your official marketing content in search engine results. This means that if a disgruntled person writes untrue and harmful information about your company they will be unlikely to get an audience, saving you the effort of containing negative publicity.

Search engine optimization is essentially a competitive process of constantly monitoring and improving your strategy. Part of this process involves keeping an eye on what the competition is doing. By scanning the web for negative articles, blogs, and commentary about your website you are given a headstart on countering the negative publicity. Sometimes a countering technique can simply involve addressing the complaint in exchange for a revision of the article, but if the person refuses to modify the harmful information then you may need to employ SEO techniques to ensure that their opinion does not receive attention from search engines.