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Joomla is  "open source" software developed by volunteers around the world.  "Open Source" software means that you are allowed to view (and change) the actual code that drives the program.  Joomla is free software - free in terms of financial cost and free in terms of being able to view the computer code.  It is used by prestigious companies around the world and has won several awards. 

What To Do When Your System Gets a Virus Infection

By now just about everybody who uses a computer is aware of how Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, and other malicious software can interfere with their systems, cause data loss, or even take control of your computer. Using a good Antivirus software package coupled with a firewall can go a long way in protecting your system. However even the very best security systems can be overcome. My computer science lecturer in university once commented that the only way to secure data on a computer was to turn it off, lock the PC in a safe, and then put the safe in a very dark basement where nobody can find it. Security breaches are nearly inevitable, especially if you don't keep your operating system up to date or don't use antivirus software!

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The long tail of Search

If you are a search engine optimization (SEO) professional then no doubt you've had to carefully manage client expectations around how quickly their campaign will show positive benefits. The upturn of traffic from a nascent optimization strategy may be hard to quantify, especially since search engines may take time to reindex your content and recalculate the effects of your offpage efforts. All too often a client will ask you to optimize their website for a highly competitive keyword - one that other websites have been competing for over the past few years. It is next to impossible to launch a site and do well for these highly competitive keywords. This is where long tail keywords come into their own.

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