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Reputation Management and SEO

If you employ Reputation management only once a negative publicity attack is under way then it might be too late. Unfortunately many companies overlook the importance of preventing such an attack by working with a web development company to protect their brand image. Once a publicity attack is underway it can be curbed with a strong SEO intervention, but prevention is better than cure - how many customers are you willing to lose due to seeing negative publicity? Prevention is better than cure.

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Web design is key to a successful website


Websites are written in a language called hyper text markup language, or HTML for short. It is called a "markup" language because instead of being a traditional computer language that deals with logic and procedures it rather provides a system of predefined "tags" which are used to organize and format text. In other words the language itself does not perform any commands on the computer, but rather relies on the web browser to interpret the tags and display the web page. Initially HTML was very limited and technology limited the ability of web browsers to display graphics and complex information structures. However nowadays our virtual world is a lot more attractive because of advances in web design.

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Smart Business - How to Manage Bandwidth Requirements For Multi-Media Applications

smart-business-voip"Smart. And stylish."

In any business internet bandwidth is a resource that needs to be managed if it is to be a profitable investment. Many companies use their ADSL internet bandwidth for voice and video over IP (VoIP) in order to reduce traditional telephony charges. By using ADSL internet to carry long-distance calls a company can enjoy significant cost savings in their communications budget. Of course broadband internet is also able to supply rich media applications that deliver video, voice, text, and data all in one session.

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Using Web 2.0 in your business

The Internet is increasingly becoming a tool for consumers to inform their purchasing decisions by reading the opinions of others. Consumers listen to the experiences of others and choose where to shop accordingly. Your customers can become your biggest source of referral business through "word of mouth" marketing. A well managed web-marketing strategy will incorporate Web 2.0 elements in order to leverage this powerful referral network. But what exactly is Web 2.0 and how can a business use it?

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5 Tips on Blocking Spam


Internet "spam" refers to unsolicited emails that companies and individuals send to you. Spam ranges from being simply annoying to dangerously offering pharmaceutical products without the need of a prescription, or any guarantee of what you're actually getting in the pills you purchase. Spam is widely seen as a problem for the Internet in general because the vast numbers of emails being sent take traffic away from applications that are actually useful to consumers and Internet businesses alike.

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Tips On How To Choose A Web Hosting Service

A successful website is the result of many elements working together in harmony. When you are in the process of creating your site you need to pay close attention to each of these aspects of a site. If you're not willing to put the effort into building a competitive site then why build it at all? Afterall, unless your site outperforms other competing websites then it will become just another one of those millions of sites that float on the Internet without producing income or traffic.

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